Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wanted: Illegal Immigrants. No, Seriously.

Get a clue.
The illegal immirgant idiocy will drone on and on...and most likely heat up again with the 08 race tsarting in early 07 (borrrrrring). But here's the reality. American needs workers. Specifically, the farmers need workers.

And, PS to the arrogant worker snobs out there....this is a global economy. It would be very easy to grow the food elsewhere and charge Mr and Mrs American consumer an arm and a leg for importing your oranges, eggs, lemons, lettuce....from CHINA. And don't think it couldn't happen.

LAT...The packing houses here in the heart of California's citrus belt are generally hopping the first week of February. In a normal year, the two LoBue Bros. plants would be open 50 to 60 hours a week, employing 230 workers and processing up to 7,000 bins of oranges. But after last month's freeze, the third since 1990, LoBue is operating at quarter speed. One plant is shut down, and the other is running just 20 hours a week. About 60% of the employees are off work....Seeking to avert an economic meltdown, officials have come up with an innovative plan to not only address joblessness but to keep the workforce from abandoning the town. Invoking the memory of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Depression-era Works Projects Administration, the city's elected officials — all of whom are Republicans — are seeking federal aid to put the idle labor force to work on local improvement efforts. The fact that a large-yet-undetermined percentage of farm laborers — particularly pickers — are illegal immigrants does not deter local officials from seeking aid for them. Unlike other parts of the U.S. where undocumented immigration is a divisive issue, in Lindsay it is a matter of economic survival.