Sunday, February 11, 2007

Troops: Get shot, die, and your family gets an SUV, courtesy of Congress.

Say what?!? What kind of a dumbas$ idea is this?

Oh, right, we're fighting for oil, er, democracy. And the idiot US automakers have forgotten how to be competitive and are now in big trouble. Hey, this is a two-fer! Appease the grieving family AND support Detroit!

This is the kind of dumb$hit thing a President who has no respect would do. Unbelieveable.

LRT President Bush called on critics to tone down opposition to the Iraq conflict on Wednesday, as he announced his latest initiative to honor the troops who have fallen in Iraq by giving their families a brand new sport utility vehicle (SUV). "In my new plan, every fallen soldier's family will get a new SUV. I intend to give every military family who has sacrificed a loved one for freedom a brand new 2006 or 2007 SUV, paid for by the government," the President announced while visiting a factory that produces Humvees for the war effort in Eurasia. "Some have said that this war isn't worth fighting. They think the terrorists should win. My plan will show that America values those who made the ultimate sacrifice," Bush continued.