Sunday, April 22, 2007

Condi wants Iran at Iraq talks

Who's Sorry Now?

Has Condi Rice woken up from her neoconartist drugged stupor? Is she FINALLY returning to her senses and becoming true to her academic training in foreign policy? Let us hope so. She wants Iran at the table - with Iraq and neighbors. Hmmmmm.

It's the oil, stupid. The latest reports say that Iraq's oil reserves are bigger than anyone knew. Think of the money in the Production Sharing Agreements being left on the table. Who needs war with Iran over pesky nuclear nonsense when there's gold in them thar hills?

Who's sorry now is all the AEI, the neoconartists, and all the leech politicians who've been fawning around them for the past few years.

FT Ms Rice’s attempts to draw Iran into the conference – which will include Iraq’s neighbours as well as the permanent members of the UN security council and the G8 industrialised nations – contrasted with her previous resistance to such talks.

Since then there had been a “rebalancing”, she said, particularly after President George W. Bush’s speech on January 10 announcing the extra troops and a more aggressive response to Iran’s perceived role in arming and training Iraqi Shia militia.