Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oil and the Sept troop pullout of Iraq

Get a clue.

What is this talk from Robert Gates and Condi Rice about troop pullout by September? Well, the GOP is certainly happy to hear that....many of their their butts will be on the line for re-election.

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said this morning on CBS' Face the Nation that "unless something extraordinary happens," most members of Congress believe that troop withdrawal should be on the table in September....Speaking about a report in yesterday's New York Times, that said the Defense Department is considering drawing down troops by up to 50% in 2008, Sessions said, "I certainly hope that's what will occur. We cannot sustain this level, in my opinion, in Iraq and Afghanistan much longer."

But something more cynical is going on. Most Americans, don't know what's really going on with the Iraq oil and the Iraqi oil fields.
The new Iraq Hydrocarbon law was a large part of the Iraq war funding bill that Bush signed this week.

Apparently, the Iraqi government was held hostage to passing the hydrocarbon law, which in effect, gives the US and multi-national governments a major share of the oil. Clearly, our modern day robber barons - the oil companies and their boards and stockholders - feel they're getting what they need to forge ahead on owning what failed World Bank President Paulie Wolfowitz says "awash in a sea of oil".