Monday, June 25, 2007

Cheney's Shadow Presidency

Get a clue.

Like this is news? Well, no, however the details are quite juicy....and scary. But, hey, anyone who shoots his friend in the face on a druken quail shoot in Texas is suspect in the first place.

Is the president surprised or worried? Hell, no. This is what Cheney was hired do the dirty work of ripping off the American people, get into Iraq, etc. Meanwhile, the press, the people, the world are all bamboozled....and we're now the sorry ones....WaPo is doing a bang-up job on exposing the VP:

Dick Cheney is the most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of vice president. This series examines Cheney's largely hidden and little-understood role in crafting policies for the War on Terror, the economy and the environment.

Sudnday: Part 1 Working in the Background -
A master of bureaucracy and detail, Cheney exerts most of his influence out of public view.

Monday: Part 2 Wars and Interrogations - Convinced that the "war on terror" required "robust interrogations" of captured suspects, Dick Cheney pressed the Bush administration to carve out exceptions to the Geneva Conventions.