Friday, June 29, 2007

London Bomb Plot -Russian or Al-Qaeda?

Or a welcoming to Gordon Brown? Or the IRA? Or a great big distraction? Or a warm-up to the Iran war? Or more fear-mongering by authorities? Is it us, or is it 'convenient' that the cameras that are EVERYWHERE in London supposedly don't have "night vision" so the terrorist might not be identified? Hey, that might be good news for other criminals....

Supposedly the bomb was primitive, and experts are (maybe) ruling Al-Qaeda out. Russian? Related to Alexander Litvinenko's poisoning?

London - British police defused a bomb in an abandoned car in London's theatre district on Friday and launched a counter-terrorism investigation..."Numerically speaking, al Qaeda is a strong possibility but it just is too early to attribute specifically."It would be wrong and short-sighted to rule out domestic options as well. Obviously there are various extremist groups out there too," the source added.

The MI5 intelligence agency said last year it believed Islamist radicals were plotting at least 30 major terrorist attacks in Britain and it was tracking some 1600 suspects.