Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Surge against Bush: Chavez in Russia for Arms talks, then on to Iran

Whoa. News most Americans don't know about, don't care about, yet may change life as we know it.....Two of Bush's arch enemies, Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin (don't kid yourself, he hates Bush), met today in Russia to talk about arms. Yikes. That can't have a good outcome, especially since Chavez has been saber rattling lately about the Diablo (Devil), Bush, again. And THEN, Chavez goes to Iran....hmmmm.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has arrived in Russia, where he will meet his counterpart, Vladimir Putin, for talks on military co-operation.

Mr Chavez is expected to visit a helicopter factory and discuss the possible purchase of diesel submarines. This is Mr Chavez's second visit in under a year to Russia, which he has designated as a "strategic partner". At an international level, he wants to minimise Washington's influence in the world, especially in Latin America...But perhaps the symbolism of what follows Mr Chavez's visit is what matters most. After leaving Russia, he will travel to Belarus and Iran.