Saturday, June 9, 2007

Radio talk show hosts make millions on your sorry a$$

Get a clue, America.

Do you really think Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage give a $hit about you or "the cause"? Puhleeze. Then you deserve what you get. Do you know that Rush makes $30-40MILLION dollars a year? Heck, he'd say anything for that. And what do you make? "6-figures?" Ooooo, we're impressed. Get a life and get a clue. You've been had.

We don't usually agree with the wingnuts but here it is straight from Red State on Michael Alen Weiner, er, Savage:

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, Savage is a top contributor to Brown’s campaign against conservative state senator Chuck Poochigian. His gift of $5,600, the maximum allowable under state law, was merited, Savage told the Chronicle after being outed. Why? Because “You have to make choices in an imperfect world.”


Face it, Savage supporters, you've been had. Michael Savage is a character Michael Alan Weiner plays for substantial profit.