Thursday, June 14, 2007

TSA terrorizes passengers, forces THEM to apologize

Who's apologizing now?

Not the TSA, that's for sure. They're rude, mean, power-mad, out of control, un-American, ignorant....shall we go on? All we can say, is that we hope the lawsuits start coming for the way many travellers are being treated...otherwise, nothing's gonna change.
Nope. It's Monica Emmerson and her toddler son who end up apologizing to the TSA. America! How long are you going to stand for being terrorized by those (badly) protecting you from terrorists?!?

Remember, this is all about a mom, her toddler son, and his sippy cup.....
The incident started when Monica was stopped while going through airport security because there was water in her son's sippy cup. The sippy cup was seized by TSA. Monica wanted the cup back because the sippy cup was the only way her son would drink -- and it was a long flight between Washington, DC and Reno, Nevada where she was going for a family reunion. If you've ever had a toddler you understand about sippy cups.So she was willing to spill the water out. Drink the water. Anything -- all that she wanted was to be able to have a cup that her 19-month-old toddler could drink from....

"I was ordered to apologize for the spilled water, and again threatened arrest. I was threatened several times with arrest while detained, and while three other police officers were called to the scene of the mother with the 19 month old. A total of four police officers and three TSA officers reported to the scene where I was being held against my will. I was also told that I should not disrespect the officer and could be arrested for this too. I apologized to the officer and she continued to detain me despite me telling her that I would miss my flight. The officer advised me that I should have thought about this before I 'intentionally spilled the water!'"