Saturday, June 2, 2007

US Embassy in Iraq - DISCLOSED!

Get a clue.

Ok, so everyone's up in arms about the uber OIL embassy in Iraq - the ONLY reason we're there
- because the designs being made available on the architect's site.

Berger, Divine, and Yaeger's site was down because of this faux pas. Here's a link to the images from Norwegainity. Whatever. The scandal here is that this fortress, er, embassy - the largest US embassy in the WORLD- is all about protecting the oil interests of the US based multinational oil companies, and the Bush, Cheney, Rice cabal. Is this a bad thing? Not if you're in the oil business. Or a contractor.

But if you're a hapless US army guy or a US Marine, it bites. What are they doing all day every day? Protecting the highway from the Baghdad airport into Baghdad. Why? The supply lines that feed the embassy project are running 24/7 on that highway. The surge? Need more people to protect the building of the embassy and getting the oil fields ready to pump once Bush is out of office. Duh.