Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chertoff has a GUT FEELING we'll be attacked - Video

Who's sorry now?

How about the American people, who are apparently NO SAFER then we were 6 years ago, because Michael Chertoff, DHS leader just has a "GUT FEELING" we'll be attacked this summer. Remember that Chertoff is a neoconartist, after all, and he defended this idiot, Dr. Magdy el-Amir, who, in really round about ways was accused of funneling money to Osama (remember him?).

A GUT FEELING? After all the money spent, the new ginormos DHS organization, the heightened focus on intelligence - that's the best we get? So, what are police in the towns and communities around the country supposed to do? And what is our government doing to protect us from Chertoff's GUT FEELING?