Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dem party boss apologizes for strippers

Who's sorry now?

Lucas County Dem Party Boss John Irish apologized for arranging a golf outing guessed it, strippers. Well, actually "girls" from Scarlett's Cabaret in Toledo and Club Diamonds in Oregon, who showed their boobs. PS the clubs advertise, Full Liquor, Full Nudity, Full Friction.

But, guess that's all you need to separate aging white guys on Viagra from their money. It turns out that pervs are everywhere, in every party...

Caught in the backswing of scandal, the head of the Lucas County Democratic Party apologized yesterday for having strippers at a golf fund-raiser last week.

But several elected officials said the follow-through should be the party chairman's resignation.
John Irish, chairman of the county Democrats, pledged to donate $1,200 from party funds to the YWCA. That equals the "profits" the party received from individuals and businesses in the adult entertainment industry, according to a statement released yesterday.

"I understand the embarrassment that it caused the party," Mr. Irish said in an interview. "I will work diligently to make sure that these things don't happen again."