Thursday, July 5, 2007

Villaraigosa's mistress with the Assembly Speaker

OK, Here goes:

In 2003 Fabian Nunez, Assembly Speaker of CA, was getting divorced from his wife, Maria. He has confirmed that he was having an affair with Mirthala, the Telemundo reporter.

Fabian is a good friend of Antonio (Villaraigosa). A good friend? Hate to think what an enemy would do. Fabian and his wife have since remarried - guess that's a version of "stand by your man". The Mayor and Mirthala are now an item, while he's getting divorced. See any patterns here? Oh, and then there's Paris Hilton and Antonio looking all cute and flirty....what's up with that?

Eric Longabardi of ERS reports that before Mirthala Salinas became involved with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, she was the girlfriend of his good friend and close ally, Speaker Fabian Núñez. Quoting Longabardi:

Assembly Speaker, Fabio Nunez, one of Villaraigosa’s best friends, also had a relationship with Salinas from the summer of 2003 until after his swearing in as Assembly Speaker in February 2004. The Speaker’s office confirmed to that while the Speaker was divorced from his wife Maria (they have since remarried), Nunez and Salinas had a romantic relationship. Salinas attended Nunez’s swearing in as Speaker of the Assembly. Sources also tell that Salinas would regularly fly to Sacramento to see the Speaker. One insider at Telemundo said that “everybody in the newsroom knew all about it and management did nothing about it.”