Saturday, July 21, 2007

Inmate released early by mistake, apologizes to victim

Who's apologizing now? And probably going back to jail?

Here's one of those weird stories that makes you scratch your head and go....Wait, what? A CLERICAL error lets the criminal out 36 years EARLY and here's what happens:

Two-and-a-half months after being freed because of a clerical error, Willie Joe McAdams was arrested Thursday and is expected to be booked into prison to serve at least 16 more years of a 40-year sentence for shooting a Houston man in the head, blinding him in one eye.

When McAdams was sentenced in 2004 to 40 years in prison for shooting Cedric Thomas in the head, Thomas thought it was a just punishment.

While enjoying himself at a bar during the Fourth of July weekend, Thomas was shocked when McAdams approached him, shook his hand and apologized.

"What if he still had malice in his heart and wanted to kill me," said Thomas, who lost an eye in the March 2003 sports bar shooting.