Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chris Shays (R) apologizes to Capitol Police

Who's apologizing now? That would be Rep. Chris Shays, R- CT, to Officer Randy Cooper. Rep. Shays wanted something, couldn't get it and proceeded to “scream obscenities” at Cooper before touching his nametag to read it in the rain and storming away. And you thought only celebrities acted like this. Nah, turns out your congressmen think they're special and that the rules don't apply to them, either.

The Hill "Although my focus was in trying to locate my constituents and get them to a dry location, I know I clearly could have handled the situation with the officer in a more professional and respectful way, and I regret I did not do so,” Shays said in a statement. According to sources familiar with the event, the outburst began after Officer Randy Cooper informed a staff member that he could not bring a tour through a lower west front door that has restricted access...Shays said he hopes to find the officer on Monday to apologize for his actions.