Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is email dead?

Get a clue.

If you *just* got your crackberry and are hooked on getting email from your 3 accounts, big wup. The real world is moving on.
And PS - we've put up the IM slang for all you out of it parents and adults....

From CNET Just ask a group of teen Internet entrepreneurs, who readily admit that traditional e-mail is better suited for keeping up professional relationships or communicating with adults.

"I only use e-mail for my business and to get sponsors," Martina Butler, the host of the teen podcast Emo Girl Talk, said during a panel discussion here at the Mashup 2007 conference, which is focused on the technology generation. With friends, Bulter said she only sends notes via a social network.

"Sometimes I say I e-mailed you, but I mean I Myspace'd or Facebook'ed you," she says.

To hear the teen panelists tell it, that means e-mail will be strictly the domain of business dealings. ..."If I'm talking to any friends it's through a social network," said Asheem Badshah, a teenaged president of, an essay-sharing site that launched this summer. "For me even IM died, and was replaced by text messaging. Facebook will replace e-mail for communicating with certain people."