Friday, July 27, 2007

The "bomb in the cheese" story was fake

Who's the chump now?

That would be all the media, the public, local police.
...the list goes on, as power-mad TSA issues FAKE terror warnings.

That cheese story? Totally fake. When is America going to demand better?
Oh, and their explanation that they need to make TSA ready? Bull$hit. It's all about power and making the US look like fools. Nice going, TSA.

The Transportation Security Agency's national security bulletin issued was based on bogus examples that were combined to give the impression of ominous terrorist plotting, CNN reports.

"That bulletin for law enforcement eyes only told of suspicious items recently found in passenger's bags at airport checkpoints, warned that they may signify dry runs for terrorist attacks," CNN's Brian Todd reported Friday afternoon. "Well it turns out none of that is true."