Monday, July 9, 2007

TSA lets fake bomb through security - confiscates WATER

Get a clue.

A lot of noise was made recently about a woman who battled it out with Airport Security over her toddler's sippy cup. The TSA aggressively fought back with a video showing "what really happened". Whatever. Let's remember that these people have unprecedented access to the airlines, baggage, etc. A recent screening in Houston showed that TSA employees with EXPIRED BADGES or NO BADGES were checking your luggage. Feel safer?

At two airports in Houston last month, TSA officials swarmed the facilities as security and "behavior detection" officers conducted random screening of approximately 5,200 employees and passengers at boarding gates, according to the TSA.

Five employees with expired airport security badges were found as were two who did not have credentials. The expired badges were confiscated and the employees in violation were escorted off airport property, according to a TSA news release.

The point is and was that the TSA is making our travel experience miserable while trying to make us safer. And they are smug and mean spirited about it, to boot.

The real deal is that they are so focused on everyday passengers' water that they're missing bomb making material, and in the past, guns.

Here's the latest from the Albany outpost of your illustrious TSA employees:
The unannounced inspection by TSA officials took place early last week. The airport's security measures failed in five of seven tests, most of the problems occurring at the passenger checkpoint, the sources said.

In one test, TSA inspectors hid the components of a fake bomb in carry-on luggage that also contained a bottle of water. Passengers are prohibited from carrying containers holding more than three ounces of liquids, gels or aerosols through airport checkpoints.

The screeners at Albany International confiscated the water bottle but missed the bomb. In all, the inspectors slipped four banned items through the main checkpoint during the test, sources said