Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Fu@k Bush" Editor isn't apologizing and says he won't sue

Who's NOT apologizing now?

That would be
CSU collegian editor J. David McSwane for his"F --- Bush" editorial printed in the Colorado State University student newspaper last week.

McSwane is not accused of any crime, and neither the BSC, made up of both students and faculty, nor CSU, have the power to censor McSwane. The BSC is essentially deciding whether he imperiled the Collegian, which has seen an estimated $30,000 loss in advertising. The paper supports itself through advertising and is independent from CSU, although the BSC can hire and fire its editor.

The editor of the student newspaper at Colorado State University, under fire for printing a headline-sized profanity against President Bush, says he is consulting with a noted Denver-based First Amendment lawyer about his option.

In a letter posted on the Rocky Mountain Collegian's Web site, J. David McSwane said a television report that he plans to sue CSU is "grossly inaccurate" but acknowledges talking to David Lane. Lane is widely known for representing University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill in his freedom-of-speech suit against CU-Boulder.