Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to Apologize from WikiHow

We all know what an apology is--an expression of remorse or guilt over having done something that is acknowledged to be wrong, and a request for forgiveness. But we also know it can be really hard to swallow our pride and say "I'm sorry." If you have a difficult time making amends for mistakes or repairing the effects of angry words, here's how to keep your dignity while being humble, and invite forgiveness with grace.

Here's their warnings:
  • Sometimes attempted apologies turn into a rehash of the same argument you wanted to amend. Be very careful not to re-argue any topics or open any old wounds.
  • Don't be too surprised (or suspicious) if you are forgiven. Take people at their word, just like they took your apology.
  • Don't apologize unless you really mean it. You can spot a false apologies from a mile away, and so can others.