Monday, October 29, 2007

Facebook uses your profile, and gets snotty about being questioned....

ContactMe.jpgThis morning, we reported on a Facebook employee who allegedly looked up a user's password, logged into her account, and changed her profile picture to a graphic image. When a tipster wrote in to name the employee, I contacted the accused, Jordan Moncharmont, for comment. I wrote, "Jordan -- Please read this and then call me immediately," pasting a link to this morning's story. Facebook's response?

I found in my inbox, not a reply from Moncharmont, but this:


The "Acknowledge" checkbox struck me as some kind of Chinese Communist Red Guards-style self-confessional, so I refused to check it off.

Here again is my request seeking comment. Perhaps the word "immediately" came across as too demanding? Next time, I'll be gentler in communicating my deadlines.