Saturday, October 20, 2007

'Mr. Madam', gay go-go, and the dead hedge fund manager

Now for the OTHER hedge fund manager scandal. Turns out Seth Tobias, found dead in Jupiter, FL, may have been murdered by his wife, Filomena. Or so says Billy Ash, aka, Mr. Madam. Who also says Seth was gay. Wait, it gets better:

Ash says that the Tobiases were fully aware of his past (the whoreing ring, the arrests, the writing of bad checks), and, in fact, welcomed it with open arms. Far from an impediment to his work, Ash’s CV apparently endeared him to Mr. Tobias, who Ash claims was gay, battled drug and alcohol addiction and had a penchant for buying sex. The personal assistant, who also has experience in couple’s counseling, says that the Seth and Filomena had a “volatile relationship,” and calls the marriage “a fa├žade. He was gay. As far as I’m aware, he’s always had boyfriends.” Ash charges that Tobias’s most recent “boyfriend” was an exotic dancer from the local Palm Beach gay club called Cupids. According to Mr. Madam, Tobias’s dalliances with the “boyfriend,” known to friends and clients as “Tiger,” ultimately contributed to Filomena’s murder of her husband.