Monday, December 10, 2007

Secure the borders? Bush could care less...

Here's a new twist on that old phrase "Keep on Truckin":

And the immigration debate is about as phony as the War on Christmas. That's because George W. Bush is and always has been supporting the beginnings of the North American Union. The latest increase in Mexican trucker carriers announced on the DOT website confirms this.

Hullo, American consumers - all you Wal Mart shoppers. You asked for this. You keep consuming and consuming and somebody has to get you your stuff.

PC:In a stealthy maneuver, the Bush administration has boosted the threat to the public by increasing the number of Mexico-based trucking firms allowed access to all U.S. roads as part of the reckless North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) trucking “pilot program.” The Department of Transportation recently revealed an increase in the number of NAFTA trucks permitted to all U.S. highways – now 10 carriers, sending as many as 55 trucks throughout the country.

The last time the Bush administration made a public announcement about the number of Mexico-based carriers allowed to participate in the NAFTA trucks pilot program, there were only three carriers.