Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mary Cheney: My Lesbian baby is better than yours

Cuz I got big mean Daddy Cheney to beat the crap outta you if you challenge me, so suck it, Libs!

So let's get this straight (no pun intended). Lesbos are totally dissed and even EVIL if you're a wingnut or Jesus freak. The wingnuts and Jesus freaks elected Bush/Cheney. Does that mean any lesbo is an EVIL lesbo? Or does it mean that there's a double standard going on here.

We really don't care one way or the other. We love the L Word. But if we were wingnuts and/or Jesus freaks, we'd be hoppin' mad.

AP Dick Cheney became testy last week when CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked him what he thought of conservatives who are critical of his daughter's pregnancy. Cheney told Blitzer he was "over the line." In a brief interview with The New York Times after Wednesday's panel, Mary Cheney said she agreed that Blitzer had crossed a line. "He was trying to get a rise out of my father," she said.

Think it's still possible to get a 'rise' out of Dick?