Friday, March 30, 2007

Bush apologizes for Walter Reed

Who's sorry now?

Don't know if he's hungover or if he's truly sorry, but President Bush apologized today for the $hitty conditions at Walter Reed. He'd better be apologizing - he's a draft dodger/war monger wh's actions have harmed these kids for life. And, hey, George! A photo-op ain't gonna be enough.

President Bush apologized to troops face to face on Friday for shoddy conditions they have endured at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He shook the artificial hand of a lieutenant and cradled a newborn whose daddy is nursing his remaining, severely injured leg back to health....
But Steve Robinson with Veterans for America tells a different story.

"I was at Walter Reed yesterday. Within 10 minutes I was encircled by about 15 soldiers having problems with their medical discharge, telling me they needed to get in touch with their congressman or their senator," Robinson said. "The system is broke," he said. "We need him (Bush) to be personally affected by it."