Friday, March 2, 2007

John McCain apologizes for "lives wasted" comment

Who's apologizing now?

Senator John McCain, for his idiotic comments about American lives being "wasted" in Iraq. He's right about that, BTW, but what's idiotic is he says that kind of thing in public. That is not presidental. We've been predicting this for weeks....he's going to go Howard Dean any minute, and that will be the end of JM. Then we'll turn out attention to Rudi, who's running for President of 9/11.

Here's the clip and below his apology the next day.

Last evening, I referred to American casualties in Iraq as wasted. I should have used the word, sacrificed, as I have in the past. No one appreciates and honors more than I do the selfless patriotism of American servicemen and women in the Iraq War. We owe them a debt we can never fully repay. And America’s leaders owe them, as well as the American people, our best judgment and honest appraisal of the progress of the war, in which they continue to sacrifice.