Friday, March 2, 2007

Top Army Brass Resign over Rats at Walter Reed

Who's NOT IN THE ARMY now?

That would be the Army Secretary, who resigned abruptly today over the Walter Reed scandal. Hope this shuts up the smarmy talk show nutbags who will NEVER SERVE but who support the troops. Right. As they languish away at Walter Reed's back rooms in pitiful condition. What a sham. Glad Gates seems to be cleaning house.

AP Harvey's departure, announced on short notice by a visibly agitated Defense Secretary Robert Gates, was the most dramatic move in an escalating removal of officials with responsibilities over one of the military's highest-profile and busiest medical facilities.

Remember Born on the Fourth of July? If not, rent it and watch some of it....we're in BornAGAIN on the Fourth of July. Here's something to remind us all: