Tuesday, May 22, 2007

McCain goes Dean-a-listic

Who's sorry now?

Those sorry GOPers, ya gotta feel sorry for them. Look at their choices:
  • Romney - America is NOT going to elect a Mormon
  • Guiliani - America is NOT going to elect a cross-dressing, 3 X divorced, pro-abortion Republican, NY politician with mob ties
  • And then there's McCain - who's been going dean-a-listic (as in Howard Dean and his famous scream).

An angry, profane exchange between Sen. John McCain and another Republican senator last week prompted a new round of questions Monday about whether McCain's legendary temper is becoming a liability to his campaign for the presidency.

In a private meeting just off the Senate floor, McCain (R-Ariz.) got into a shouting match Thursday with Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) over details of a compromise on immigration legislation. Cornyn accused McCain of being too busy with his campaign to take part in the negotiations, prompting McCain to utter "F… you."

McCain spokesman Danny Diaz acknowledged Monday that a "spirited exchange" had taken place, but said news reports had exaggerated its intensity.

PS - We like Ron Paul, even if he is a Republican....at least he's the kind of Republican we all can recognize.