Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cheney and the Real Dick(s) Behind the DC Madam List

Get a CLUE!

Have you been wondering why the ABC story on "naming names" wimped out? What kind of pressure did Disney and ABC receive to shut the fu@k up, and from whom? And remember the Duke Cunningham limo story, the CIA poker party story that featured both Porter Goss and Dusty Foggo? And are you wondering why Big Dick Cheney is war mongering at Iran again? Is he going to start a war to take our attention away from domestic stories AGAIN?!?

And now you may be wondering if any of this US Attorney stuff has something to do with old white guys on Viagra and prostitutes.... Well, here's a juicy version and a good read:
May 12-13, 2007 --

...The focus on the DC Hookergate story has now moved to Baltimore, and the firing by the Justice Department in December 2004 of the US Attorney for Maryland, Thomas DiBiagio. DiBiagio was fired, along with a number of other US attorneys, after George W. Bush's re-election for political reasons. One of DiBiagio's public corruption targets was the staff of then-Republican Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich, some of whom had engaged the services of Madam Palfrey's escorts. The US Attorney's office in Baltimore first became involved in the investigation of the prostitution ring after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office and IRS agent Troy Burrus in Baltimore made a criminal referral to the US Attorney's office in Baltimore. Subsequently, an asset seizure warrant for Palfrey's assets was issued. Palfrey and her employees used two telephones in Maryland for their escort business, 301 231-5800 in Rockville, near some of the "mansions" in Potomac, Maryland and Great Falls, Virginia described by "20/20" as the locations in DC where Pamela Martin escorts would pay calls, and 410 244-1818 in Baltimore.

After Ehrlich complained to then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey about the aggressiveness of DiBiagio, the Baltimore-based US Attorney was placed on the firing list in the wake of the 2004 election. David Margolis, an Associate Deputy Attorney General, claimed he did not know about any investigations of Ehrlich's staff by DiBiagio when he informed the number one Justice Department official in Baltimore that the Justice Department had lost confidence in his abilities.

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