Monday, January 22, 2007

Bush's ratings fall to new low

Who's the worst President in the World now?

That just may be President GW Bush, at least in terms of popularity. His poll numbers are so low, they can't go much lower.

Does he care? Well, we believe that Bush is either REALLLLY dumb, or REALLLLY smart. The dumb GWB is pictured totally incompetent, waiting for the Rapture, out of it, stupid and got us in the Iraq mess and doesn't have a clue how to get out of it.

Or is he amazingly SMART? Surrounded by smart people who have all been executing in the most disciplined manner the following: Security and Prosperity Plan to avoid the immigration problem and the low birth rate problem by forming a North American Union (oh, and form a Christian block); Iraq will secure the 2nd richest oil reserves for GWB and his oil cronies (Condi, Cheney, Rummy, et al) - put permanent bases in the region, continue to fight Israel's wars, enter Iran and put the entire region into dissary ON PURPOSE in order to gain more oil revenues when it all settles, etc. And all that domestic spying stuff - that's to do what Bill Kritsol, who we believe is dangerous to America, said on Sunday Fox News Sunday - The Dems and others who don't like the SURGE should just STFU.

Expect the SOTU to offer a couple of bones to distract all while the war drums beat on - healthcare and the environment. He doesn't mean any of it - it's just a tactic to get everyone talking about ANYTHING BUT Iraq/Iran while the troops get positioned for the upcoming invasion (?!?) in April 2007.

In fact, Kristol said that 2007 will be very bloody. Being King Poo-Bah neoconartist, he must know something we don't know.

Hmmmmmm, which is it?