Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Condi to replace Cheney

Our secret spy network in DC tells us that Condi MAY replace Cheney as VP.

This is not the first time this speculation has been floated around...it surfaced in 2005 due to Cheney's poor health (yeah, make that poor MENTAL health!)

  • Cheney is in trouble in the Libby trial (guess this is what happens to kiddie porn writers like Libby).
  • There are NO GOOD GOP candidates for President (Rudy has mob ties, McCain is getting weirder and weirder and may go John Dean any minute now, Romney - puleez, America is NOT electing a Mormon for President; Tancredo or Hunter - don't make me laugh)
  • Hillary's already figured out "it's the year of the woman (voter)" i.e. the swing factor is female
  • Condi for President solves 2 problems - she's black and a woman (and she'll shut Melanie Morgan up)
  • That puts Negroponte in line for Secty of State (he's a ruthless son of a bitch, and that's what's needed for the upcoming Iran attacks - no diplomacy required)
And the Dems? It'll be Hill and Obama. And Hill will put Bill in charge of State.

Edwards put himself out with that $29M estate he's building - 2 Americas doesn't exactly wash now. And the rest are not credible or electable.