Saturday, April 28, 2007

Disgraced Randall Tobias' view on AIDS funding and hookers

Let's hope Randall Tobias, former Bush official, who left abruptly and in disgrace, gets what he deserves. And let's hope his wife gets an AIDS test.

Here's a complete hypocrite who not only had dangerous alliances with James Dobson and other such weirdos, he basically tried to take the science out of fighting AIDS. Yeah, buddy, tell that to your wife if she's positive. Meanwhile, he's using escort services for 'massage'. Right. Just another old white guy who can't get it up.

"Under his direction, HIV prevention programs have shifted from being based in public health science to being dictated by the abstinence-only-until-marriage ideology of the Bush administration." Wagoner further explained: "As head of USAID, Ambassador Tobias will not only be responsible for AIDS funding, but also in charge of population and family planning programs. How will his anti-science ideology impact programs vital to protecting the health of women and young people around the world?"