Friday, May 25, 2007

DC Madam Names Video

What's got everyone's underware in a bunch in Washington DC?

The Iraq war funding bill? Nah, Dems are happy to get minimum wage hike.

The Immigration Bill? Nah, crocodile tears from Boner, er Boehner. How many times did we counsel the GOP to DROP the immigration issue? Millions!

Nope. What's got everyone on edge is when those damn names are coming out? Here's a fun video that asks more questions than it answers....but combine this with WMR - who we love, because he's digging (who cares if he's weird....), and this is the ONLY hot topic in DC. It combines Abramoff, the US Attorney firings, Porter Goss and Dusty Foggo (sleaze bag gamblers and johns from the CIA), and the biggest dick of all, Dick Cheney, who's name "is not NOT on the list".